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Fences are an essential part of your home’s exterior aesthetics. If it’s in shambles that’s a problem we know how to fix. At Pro-Line Fence Company we’ve got professional services and stellar fences to elevate your home’s appearance. If you need a new fence and you’re not sure where to start, Pro-Line Fence Company has every type of fence you could want or need. From Premium Pine to Cedar we’ve got what you need! Take a look at what we can do or get right down to business and give us a call today!

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Pro-Line Fence Company offers state-of-the-art fencing services. We’re nothing but professional and your new fence will surely elevate your home’s aesthetics. If you’re in need of great fence installation services in the New Orleans area, don’t hesitate to fill out a form to get a quote or contact us.

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Pine wood fences are the standard option that many of our clients go for. They’re affordable and look great with any more exterior.

Premium pine

Premium Pine is a ¾” board. This fence option is durable and lasts longer than regular pine. This thicker cut wood makes it more resistant to warping and splitting. This is another popular choice that is great for your home’s aesthetics.


Cedar wood is the highest quality wood option we offer. This reddish-colored wood holds up well in weather conditions and against insects and mold. Though a little pricer than our other wood fence options, our cedar wood fence is a crowd pleaser.