Attractive and effective, wooden fences are a classic choice for homeowners and commercial properties as well. Whether you are looking for a privacy fence for the safety of your children or a decorative fence to improve on your homes curb appeal, there are many different pricing and design options to select from. We offer our wood fencing in the following materials.

Red Cedar: Of course, we also offer our customers high-quality cedar fencing, and we can add metal galvanized posts to increase durability. 

Pressure Treated Pine: For the budget conscious consumer we also offer a pressure treated pine fence available in any style. 

Fence Styles

Privacy Fence

For the property owner seeking total privacy, a board-on-board style creates the appearance of a solid wood wall. The typical design has one “finished” side, with posts and railings visible on the other side. The fence is built with 6-inch boards which overlap additional 6-inch boards (¾-inch overlap). This construction ensures that as the boards shrink, the fence will not allow gaps. Most local building codes require that the finished side of the fence faces out towards your neighbors.

Shadow Box

A neighbor-friendly fence, the alternating pickets on both sides of a dual-back rail offers a “shadowed” view of pickets on the opposite side and offers a more consistent and aesthetically pleasing view for both neighbor and property owner. Space between pickets allows airflow through the fence and can be narrowed to create a more solid look

Picket Fence

The quintessential picket fence represents a traditional American style, and the spacing between pickets allows breezes to flow freely. The individual pickets can be flat, dog-eared, gothic (regular point) or French gothic.

Scalloped Picket

The Scalloped Picket Fence adds another layer of beauty to the timeless tradition of a Picket Fence. We can continue this scalloped design on the gate keeping this classic design uniform.

Scalloped Privacy

The scallop fence is carved to provide an elegant flow for your wood fence. This fence pairs well with decorative post caps like the ones displayed in the below photo.

Hilltop privacy

The Hilltop privacy fence elevates any fence providing a unique esthetic but still giving you the privacy you desire.